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Handmade Damascus Steel Hunting Bowie Knife With Densified Wood Handle | Leather Sheath

  • Overall Length: 12 Inches
  • Blade Length: 7 Inches
  • Handle Length: 5 Inches
  • Blade Material: Damascus steel
  • Handle Material: Densified Wood
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Everest Knives is a manufacturer of high-quality made and beautifully designed outdoor &  Indoor multi-purpose knives. We maintain the quality of the knife. Our brand is emerging constantly because of no compromise on the quality of our knives.The Everest Knives range of knives are made from top quality European materials and are built to last. We have selected some the best steels for the job, the highest quality handle materials and some great leather work to bring these impeccably made knives to the market. We named this Damascus hunting Bowie knife because of the amazing life that he led. It is easy to romanticize a life of exploration on the frontier, but we don’t take it for granted. we believe he would have approved of this knife. the clip-point tapers and drops the center axis of the tip so it allows a quicker and deeper puncture. The Densified Wood handle fits nicely into your hand and a hole in the butt of the knife allows you to add lanyard if so desired. This full-tang Damascus steel knife is a piece of art that is as pleasing to use as it is to look at. We take complete responsibility for our knives and ensure that the knife will come to you the same as we display them on our site. Our customer's satisfaction will be our satisfaction so place your order today without any hesitation about the quality.


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