Blade Cave

Custom Handmade Chef Kitchen Knife


Knife Type Kitchen Knife

Overall Length:           11.5 Inches

Blade Length:             7 Inches

Handle Length:          4.5 Inches

Handle Material:                  blue resin sheet

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Blade Cave provides a well quality Kitchen Knives with blue resin Sheet handles. These knives come with unrivaled performance and incredible edge retention. Its handle is most comfortable and soft and you can grip it easily & also cut easily. The blade starts sharp and stays sharp longer than steel blades. Its sharpness makes slicing easier for fruits, vegetables, and boneless meat. It allows precise cuts and extremely thin slices, whether you’re slicing paper-thin or peeling a tomato. It won’t transfer a taste or smell in foods so you can enjoy meats, fruits, and vegetables with their original flavor. They’re easy to clean.


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